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Brian J. Bromberg's darkly comedic debut novel is here! 


Gregg Freeman is living the American Dream ... in reverse.

​For he can’t be the Great American Writer of his dreams unless he feels tormented enough to have something to say.

But that's his problem. He’s too comfortable to have anything to say. Instead, he’s got a high paying corporate day job, a sexy pseudo-girlfriend, a posh New York City apartment, and as such, complete and total Writer’s Block. 

So when his best friend Alvaro drunkenly suggests that the Muse of Misery best inspires artists, Gregg takes him at his word, embarking upon a systematic campaign to destroy everything in his life that has plagued him with stability, comfort, contentedness, or joy. His job? Gone. His bank account? Emptied. Sex? No thank you. Sobriety? Not even a little. All of it must he worse Gregg's life, the better his work. 

​But how far will Gregg allow himself to fall so that his creativity may rise? Pretty damned far, as it turns out. For it's hard to hit rock bottom when you believe you're Falling Up.


Who is this man?


is a comedic writer living and working in New York City. He has penned several children’s television episodes, a children’s movie, video games and apps, live event scripts, educational materials, and 13 children’s books. He stopped at 13 because it is a well-known lucky number among ancient Greek gods, Hindu believers, and Bar Mitzvah boys everywhere.

His diverse, often juvenile experience has given him much grist for the mill in his more life-lampooning, adult-oriented work, which has been featured in Lessons from Dad, After Hours and Inked! magazines, and in various stand-up comedy performances in Manhattan.

Bromberg is a committed and loving father to what science has proven to be  the most wonderful daughter ever who never fails to inspire him and make him smile on a daily basis.  

Previously Penned/Published/Produced


Short Stories (Adult)

- "Learning to Ride" published in Lessons from Dad: A Tribute to Fatherhood, Health Communications, Inc.

- "Hell of a Choice" published in Inked! magazine

- "Wise Enough to Be Dumb as a Rock" published in After Hours magazine

- "The Keyhole Door" published in Inked! magazine

Television (Juvenile)

Dora the Explorer, Nickelodeon

- Anti-bullying Interstitial “Stand up for Friends!” (Emmy-nominated)

​- 8 episodes: "Bark, Bark to Play Park”; “Dora Saves the Three Little Piggies"; “¡Vacaciones!”; “Pepe’s School Day Adventure”; “Dora’s Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure"; “¡Vamos a Pintar!”; “Catch that Shape Train!”; “Dora’s Rainforest Talent Show!”

Go, Diego, Go!, Nickelodeon

​- 2 episodes: “Diego Reunites Oxpecker and Hippo”; “To Babysit a Bobo” 

Movies (Juvenile)

Dora & Diego “Catch that Robot Butterfly!” 4D Experience

Interactive (Juvenile)

- “Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Magical Mermaid Adventure” (iPad storybook app)

- “Dora the Explorer: We are Thankful” (iPad storybook app)

- My Little Pony "Friendship" (iPad storybook app) 

- Play-Dough "Alphabet" (iPad game app) 

​- “Dora the Explorer: Journey to the Purple Planet” (Playstation 2)

Books (Juvenile)

- "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Pop-up Book" (Insights Edition)

​- "The Essential Backyardigans"; "The Essential Go, Diego, Go!"; "The Essential Guide to Dora the Explorer" (DK)

- "Por Favor"; "Bedtime for La Lechuza"; "Blue's Pajama Party Musical Treasury"; "Blue's Music Maker"; "Blue's Song Game"; "Blue's Songtime" (Publications International)

- "Meet Joe!" (Simon & Schuster)

- "Blue's Nature Game" (Landoll) 

- "Blue's Clue in to Safety" (Gruner + Jahr)

Recreation (Juvenile)

- Miami MetroZoo - live shows and exhibit scripts for Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go! 

- Sea World Australia - live show and exhibit scripts for Dora the Explorer

- Children’s Museum of Minneapolis – exhibit scripts for Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go!

- Children’s Museum of Manhattan - exhibit scripts for Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go!



Live Comedy (superior to dead comedy in almost every way)

Do you like to laugh? Ugh. Awful opening. Let me start again. 

Do you like to be lectured by a loudmouth with a microphone? Nah, too honest.

Are you ready for BROMEDY? You can catch Bromberg's performances in and around New York City! He's performed at Gotham, NY Comedy Club, Ochi's Lounge, Broadway Comedy Club, and more.

Bromberg is available for performances at clubs, dive bars, corporate events, birthdays, boat christenings, and other fine events. 

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